Admin & Customer Service Tests

Interviewing and reference checking is time consuming and subjective. Save yourself time, money and stress by only interviewing candidates capable of performing in the job.

Testing quickly and reliably gets you an assessment of whether candidates can perform the essential tasks before deciding whether to interview them

Adding administrative and customer service skills tests to personality profiling enables you to make thoroughly informed selection decisions.

We also offer a range of specific accounting & finance professional skills tests.

Administrative & Customer Service Skills Tests


Tests of essential skills for admin and office jobs include data entry, typing, editing and basic accounting/bookkeeping.

Tests identify your candidates skill levels compared to an international norm group of staff in similar customer service and admin jobs

Spot highly skilled candidates quickly and accelerate their selection process ahead of competing job offers, identify priority development areas for candidates appointed and confidently reject candidates who fall short of your admin skills selection criteria.

Online testing of essential skills for admin and office jobs, including data entry, typing, editing, basic accounting/bookkeeping and business writing.

office skills tests
Tests identify current skills, speed and accuracy of you candidate compared to an international norm group of staff in similar office and admin jobs, identifying priority development areas for candidates appointed and an objective measure for rejecting candidates who fall short of your admin skills selection criteria.

Sample Administrative & Office Skills Tests & Reports

Data Entry Alphanumeric

Assess online a candidate’s ability to enter alphanumeric data into database fields quickly and accurately.

Click here to see the easily interpreted performance reports generated from the Alphanumeric Data Entry Test.

Administrative Ability Assessment

Aimed at people who have completed secondary school education, the Administrative Ability Assessment blends the GCAT with a Checking test and consists of:

  • Verbal Reasoning to test capability to effectively use everyday business English
  • Numerical Abilities in making sense of everyday office basic arithmetic and numbers
  • Abstract Reasoning to test how quickly they can learn
  • Clerical Checking Test to test attention to detail and accuracy when performing administrative tasks conscientiously

Click here to see a Clerical Assessment sample report.

Contact Centre Customer Service Simulation

A multimedia assessment measures core customer service competencies in a simulated contact centre scenario.

Candidates must decide how to appropriately respond to callers while dealing with distractions and reaching the best outcome across a variety of scenarios.

The test measures customer service, rules adherence, multitasking, keyboarding and call management.

Click here to see a sample report.

Contact Centre Sales Scenarios 

This test places a candidate in a simulation of a contact centre sales scenarios and requires the candidate to interact with contacts and prospects at different stages of the sales cycle:

  • prospecting
  • information gathering
  • controlling the sale
  • dealing with objections and
  • closing

Contact Centre Scenario Inventory (CCSI) 

The CCSI presents candidates with scenarios commonly experienced in contact centres to assess their suitability for working effectively in customer services and sales environments.  Scenarios include:

  • Reaction to customer requests & demands
  • Team member interaction & support
  • Performance and meeting targets
  • Following policy & procedure consistently
  • Adding value
  • Outbound sales

CCSI focuses on personality traits associated with success in contact centre environments.  Clients typically combine the CCSI with the Clerical Assessment to cover both abilities and personality of contact centre candidates.

Take a look at the sample report to see the easy to interpret, then give us a call to add the CCSI to your selection process.

Microsoft Office Suite

The full suite of Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Word, available as individual tests on all Microsoft Office products. All versions mimic a simulated environment and come in Basic/Intermediate (some tests cover multiple levels).  We have timed & untimed versions available.

  • Click here for a MS-Excel 2016 Beginner Level sample report
  • Click here for a MS-Word 2013 Intermediate Level sample report
  • Click here for a MS-Outlook 2016 Intermediate Level sample report
  • Click here for a MS-PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate Level sample report

See the full list of MS Office skills tests.

Typing Tests

We have a range of Typing Tests covering general office environments and industry-specific tests; all of which assess a candidate’s copy typing speed and accuracy.

Industry - Specific Typing Tests

  • Technology
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Banking & Finance
  • Accounting

Basic Computing Test

Can your candidate perform the absolute basics when working in any system? Ideal for entry level roles and for candidates with limited computing experience to date. The test is in a simulated database/CRM environment where candidates have to actually operate the system to answer questions.

Topics covered:

  • Moving, Maximising & Prioritising Windows
  • Typing, including using arrows, alt & shift keys & backspace
  • Navigation, including pages, hyperlinks, dialogue tabs & scrolling
  • Printing
  • Mouse Operation, including right/left clicks, rolling, drag & drop, cursor changes, selecting from dropdown menus & checkboxes
  • Password creation & management
  • Editing, including menu commands, deleting and changing text

Click here for a sample report and then contact us to get started.

Specialised Assessments

We have a range of specialised assessments which assess online a candidate’s ability in a range of aptitudes and skills including:

  • Receptionist Skills
  • Business Transcription
  • Basic Customer Service
  • Contact Centre
  • Food Service
  • Industrial Safety
  • Medical & Nursing
  • Retail Sales
  • Legal

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